Buying a car with your heart, not your head

When buying a car I believe essentially there are two different types of Blokes. The guy that buys a car for purely for their practical purposes, the guy who has other interests such as sports, the gym or DIY. He's more interested on how many miles it will get him to the gallon or whether the parts are cheap in case anything should go wrong. He's not so worried about how their car makes them feel when they drive it, nor does he look back at his car and smile.

Then there is the guy like me, the term practical unfortunately doesn't really enter into the equation when I'm looking at a car, this can be pretty easily summed up by my love for Italian cars, certainly not practical nor known for their reliabilty, but they have a heart and put a massive smile on my face.

So if you're in the first category, I'm sorry mate but I can't really help you all that much...enjoy your Camry, Chevy Bolt or Kia Soul. I'm not mocking you at all believe me! I actually envy you in a lot of respects because in my lifetime god knows how much money I have pissed up the wall on Cars but I can't drive a car based on practicality, I just can't, I've tried and it lasted about 3 months before I sold it on.

For you lot who like me get a semi at the sight of the car they love, this one is for you. There are a few questions you need to be asking yourself when choosing a car to ascertain what will be most suitable for what you are looking for, and even when being totally impractical there are still some elements you need to think about.

What will you be using the car for? 

I currently have two cars, one is my workhorse and the other is my whore. Not everyone has this luxury but there are ways of being able to get a bit of both and still getting what it is that you love from a car. Look at the main use, are you going to be driving everyday? Will you use it for work? Is it big enough to fit the family? If you like to off-road obviously a sedan or sports car isn't going to work for you, likewise if you have a family buying a 2 door probably doesn't make much sense either.

The Mark

The brand of car you drive tells a lot about who you are, for example if you drive German, the general consensus is that you want something well made. Driving an Italian generally leaves the opinion that you aren't so concerned about reliability (undeserved opinion these days by the way) but are looking for something that is beautifully designed and feels great to drive. If you're a muscle car kinda guy the impression you give to the world is that you're a mans man who want something brute and doesn't care about MPG or handling. So this is probably one of the most important questions you need to ask yourself, from there you will be able to narrow your choice down pretty easily.


This is the fun part, unless you have very little money to spend you will be very surprised with what you can get for your money in most cases, and even if you do have a small budget if you are creative and shop around a little without being in too much of a hurry you will find something that will put a smile on your face. Then again if budget isn't an issue you'll be like a single guy in the playboy mansion ;) I think the search is as exciting as owning the car in the first place. Search your local sites for the best deals and if you have a tighter budget but are mechanically minded don't rule out auctions, you can get  amazing buys there.

Test Drive

You can love the way a car looks and absolutely hate how it feels when you are behind the wheel of it, so if you have a few cars in mind then you should test drive them all and see how they fit. Another thing to consider is although reviews should obviously be taken into consideration sometimes they should not be taken as gospel, the car that I still regret selling to this day was the one which all the reviewers bad mouthed and is actually increasing in value by the year now. Like with anything else in life, take opinions in mind but don't allow them to make your decision.

So that's it, I hope I helped in some way to guide my fellow petrol heads into choosing the car they will love, if you disagree or have anything to add, don't forget to comment below.





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