Cactus shaft: A woman's worst nightmare

Whatever you think the name means, you're probably close, it's not got much to do with the desert plant  - or car parts for that matter.

Cactus shaft is the term used to define the feeling to describe the regrowth that happens a few days after blokes shave their pubic region, especially their members.

If you shave or clipper the area around your shaft and balls and then leave it for more than a week, the hairs end up looking like a cactus, we've been there right, bro's?

The irritation is a lot worse than 3 day growth on the face, and it's embarrassing to deal with in public & it usually involves a lot of pelvic gyrations and in extreme cases the hand shift, which is a risky maneuver especially if done in public. 

According to Urban Dictionary, it's defined as: "The result of pubic hair growing on the shaft of a penis that hasn't been shaved for 24 hours. Maximum effect of Cactus Dick occurs while inserting the penis during sex...which brings me to my next point... Penetration

If you've left your shaft to grow for a day or more for a woman it's literally like sticking a cactus inside her punani, it's painful for her, irritating and you can forget the tsunami.

Clipper/shaving risk

But it's not just cactus shaft you need to worry about when it comes to going hair-free down there.

Removing pubic hair can lead to cuts or nicks - A recent survey in found that about 25% of men who "manscaped" their pubic hair by shaving, clippering, waxing or using scissors had experienced injuries.

The most common accidents were cuts from clippers or razors followed by rashes or burns from waxing.


Bro's, listen up! There is a better way!

Maintaining your sack, crack and shaft is a personal choice, however women prefer a well groomed man, even down there, so what is the alternative?

Brozillah has the first men's IPL Laser, the Dapperzapper, in 8-16 weeks (depending on how much of a monkey man you are) you will have pornstar plums and a spike free shaft , to prepare take these steps:


1. Before you start shaving make sure you've washed, it will will soften the hairs and keep your skin from getting as irritated

2. Always disinfect your razor before and after use

4. Use shaving foam sparingly so you can see what you are working with - stay away from your knob

5. Shave in the direction your hair grows to minimise irritation and pull your skin to get all of the hairs, but don't shave too close so the IPL can work most effectively

6. Replace your blades often to minimise the chances of nicking your nutsack

It's not uncommon to get rashes, bumps or ingrown hairs. But it will soon be a thing of the past with Dapperzapper,  to use it just follow the steps, here

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