Fashion trends vs style

What's the difference?

Style is all about how a person expresses themselves: through their choice of clothing, their hair, the car they drive, their choice of house or furniture: A persons personal style can very well reflect their personality and give a stranger an impression of the sort of person he is. In the case of clothing which is what we will be discussing today, It's all about his choice of clothes, shoes, the way he does his hair.

Fashion is a specific style which, if we are being blunt is marketed to the masses as the “in way to be” This can also be reflected in the same way that style can but it is to motivate a collective group of people to dress a certain way, drive a certain car, buy a certain type of home or a particular style of furniture.

So in looking at the two comparatively, essentially they are the exact opposite of each other. Whilst one element (style) reflects a persons individuality the other is designed to be followed my the masses (fashion) and gives no real indication of a person or the type of individual you are.

There can be some small overlap between the two, for example a person who has their own style may like an element of fashion that he chooses to implement into his own personal style and makes it his own. Likewise a Fashionista may like a particular item which he implements into fashion.

Style vs Fashion as we mature: Until we are in our mid 20's most of us guys are still developing our personality, getting to know ourselves and it is at this age that most people tend to follow fashion trends as we have yet to discover who we are and what it is that we like, there are always the exceptions to this rule but the this example is true to most. As we mature and develop a sense of style, most of us develop an understanding of what it means to have a sense of his own style as a means of self expression.

Get to the point

So, you're in your mid to late 20's and you are starting to notice that you are not so much into fashion any more, but you are still a little confused as you have never really taken on dressing in a way that expresses who you are and what you are about, here are some tips to figuring out how to express the person you are by what you wear, in developing your own sense of style.

What do YOU like to wear?

The most important element in developing your own style is to firstly look at what makes you feel the most comfortable when you wear it, it's essential. Gone are the days when you are looking at your mates to see what they are wearing, what they wear might not make you feel comfortable, and if you don't feel it you certainly won't look it. Comfort radiates confidence, and if your not comfortable you certainly won't feel confident. Developing your own style is your image, it tells the world that you are confident in yourself, and that you know where you are going. The confidence you have when you are wearing your clothes radiates through your wardrobe and actually makes you look more dapper.

Body type

When you are looking at your own sense of style, it's pretty important to look at your body type, are you a fit guy? Tall? Short? Fat? Thin? Obviously if you're a fatty, you shouldn't be looking at fitted t-shirts and drainpipe jeans, likewise if your thin, clothing that is too loose can make you look puny.

Here are a couple of examples to shopping for clothes to suit your body type:

Opt for looser fitting trousers if you have bigger calves

If you are a shorter guy don't wear clothes that are too looser fitting as they will make you look shorter, and don't wear long jackets.

Go with an unconstructed jacket if you are a triangular or trapezoid shaped guy, otherwise you risk looking like an NFL/rugby player.

If you are tall and lean, wear clothes that make you look broader and bigger such as biker jackets, double breasted jackets and pants which aren't too fitted. Dress for your way of life:

There really is no point in dressing with a suit and tie if you work on cars as a mechanic all day right? Keep this in mind when you are choosing your outfits as well, even in these instances it is important to have your own taste but you need to dress to suit what it is that you do. If you work in a bank you can express yourself with a tie that you enjoy, on the flipside if you work in a creative environment you can still dress well with a pair of chinos and sneakers and maintain your own sense of style.


Part of your style Is in the way you groom; the way you do your hair, the cleanly shaved appearance or the rugged beard you rock. Having a signature appearance can be easily maintained with a structured grooming regime. Find yourself a good hairdresser that understand your style, check reviews online. These days you can save a lot of time and money if you have the right gear to make you look good.

Do you like having a beard but the hair on the neck bugs you? Do you have some hair showing it's ugly head on your back? Do you want a hair free chest or minimise the amount of hair? There is a method to treat all of this at home for the cost of a reasonably priced outfit which is permanent, so you don't need to waste time on the maintenance long term. It's called the Dapperzapper by Brozillah and it's the first mens at home permanent hair removal device to remove any unwanted hair you may have, anywhere on your body.



Dress to suit your climate

Obviously if you live in a northern country, your options for shorts and t-shirts may be quite limited, likewise if you live in a hotter climate woollen jumpers and coats may not be the smartest purchase you could make. Choose warmer fabrics for cooler environments such as wool, and cotton or linen for cooler weather.

Inspiration through celebrity

Incorporating your lifestyle and climate look at celebrities who live a similar lifestyle to you and look for fashion inspiration in what they are wearing, the most important things are that you keep your own style whilst incorporating some of their ideas, whilst keeping your body type in mind as well.

Try before you buy

Don't feel intimidated to try on lots of different styles of clothes that you like to see if they suit you and if you like a particular style when you tried it on, photograph it with your phone to find elements which are similar whilst not wearing the exact same outfit all the time. You will eventually figure out what makes you feel great and looks good on you, and you will get compliments from people also, make a mental note and buy more of that type of outfit.

Work with a style that tells people who you are

Little details that remind you of who you are will give you a unique story when you wear them, and that feeling will be reflected in your presence, if your parents are from an ethnic background, something that reflects that like an item of jewellery. If you're a casual dresser you can still rock a pair of dress pants with sneakers, why the hell not as long as the sneakers match what you are wearing. The key is to match it well and you will create your own style.

Dress your age

Fluro t-shirts with graphics all over them won't really suit a 35 year old dude, or pants hanging off of your ass. Dress with your age in mind, you can wear most styles and be age appropriate as long as the clothes fit and aren't too over the top. Remember your style tells people who you are, make sure it's authentic but don't tell people you are a clown.

Shop Smart

When you shop, think if what you are buying tells your story, makes you comfortable and confident, and will it go with any outfits you already have in your wardrobe. It will save you money on buyers remorse or a trip back to the shop to get a refund.


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