Fathers day secret

Wether you are aware of it or not... your dad has plums (ie. Balls, nuts) and much more to your horror he probably likes to look after the pubes that grow on this mound as well as his manhood, guess what? Father’s Day is just around the corner which means you have the last minute scramble to find him that perfect gift, you're sorted with Brozillah. We all know you don't like to see your dad roaming around the house scratching his nuts whilst he eats his toast, but bear in mind that if the poor guy is oldskool he is probably still clipping or shaving his nuts and has cactus shaft and/or prickly plums. We've put together a list of ideas that are sure to please any dad or dad in law.


Dappetty Zapp Zapp

Dad is a modern man with modern needs, I'm sure you have heard him in the bathroom wailing and that's most likely because he is clipping or shaving his nuts so your mum can polish his knob...yeah I know eeeeeew... but where do you think you came from, spawn? Make his life easier and but him a gift that will give him plums he and your mum would love, a gift he will love for not having to trim every 2-3 weeks... Dapperzapper has you (as well as your mum and dad) covered. He can use it anywhere he doesn't want hair, from head to toe, it will be permanent so He'll have more time for his hobbies and you as well.


Drivers Day

90% of men love cars, Dads are no exception ;) Track days are an awesome way for your dad to drive the car of his dreams and give him a chance to drive one like he stole it around a track with no speed limits These days you can treat him starting at only around $50 for an American/Austrialian muscle car, Japanese hi performance cars around $2-300 right up to $7-800 for the exotic italians. Experiences like this are priceless and will give him a memory that will last his lifetime... and you helped created that!


Sport tickets

Buy your Dad a ticket to watch his favourite team play. Most Dads seem to put their kids first and forget about treating themselves every once in a while. Watching a game together is s great way to bond with your Dad and spend some quality time with him as well.


Some guys aren't into sports, Dad's are the same, right? If your dad is a DIYer or a Keen fisherman or perhaps likes to tinker with his car you could always buy him something related to what he likes to do – A set of spanners, drill or a new rod or set of lures will always come in handy, and he will think of you whenever he uses it.

Coffee Dad's

If your dad is a keen coffee drinker, why not buy him his own machine? Proper coffee he can have a home is a luxury which doesn't have to be so expensive these days, and especially on those more difficult mornings he will be happy to have a proper coffee machine to make a good long black or espresso at home.


This works in any form: Sports or Music. On specialised websites you can find all sorts of interesting memorabilia that are in connection with what your Dad has a passion for. Find him something to put in his office that his favourite band once owned, driver once used during a race or jersey his favourite player once wore. It will go nicely on his wall and he will love you for it.


A good Meal

A way to a man's heart is through his stomach and dad's are no exception. This is another one of those Items you can cater to budgets... and the bonus with this one is with a little effort you can actually do this yourself... You probably know what your Dad loves to eat...Is it a good steak? A seafood platter? Find a good restaurant in your area that specilises in the food he likes to eat... or if you want to be extra creative you can even make him his favorite meal yourself!

These are just some ideas that can get your mind on track, there are loads of other options available if you put your mind to it.... So give your Dad or wanna be father a gift he deserves this Dad's day... he'll love you for it!



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