How to grow and Maintain a Beard

I like to be hairless where it's not wanted, but my face wears a long proud beard I have been nurturing for a couple of years now, so I suppose that gives me a little authority on teaching you lot on how to grow and maintain a proper beard. Yeah it's pretty fashionable to have a beard at the moment, but anyone who has a beard once grown will tell you that once it's at a particular length it becomes an identity, a status, you get admiration from those envious males who pass you by and you start to treat it as a part of you, not just some hair on your face. So below I'm going to give you some tips on growth, hygiene and maintenance of the fuzzy beast on your face.


You're going to need a fair bit of patience to grow any sort of sizeable beard and have it well maintained as well... sure most guys can grow facial hair faster than it will grow on your head but if it isn't maintained properly it will look like you have a pubic mound on your face bro's. The key is to let the beard grow for around 8-12 weeks, only shaving the hair on your cheeks into the desired shape, my advice is not to shave to low on the curve, just keep it tidy. I personally also shape my mustache and lower lip hair, but that's personal preference. On your neck, shave a u shaped border roughly 5cm from your adams apple to keep it looking good in the growth phase, it will start to look a little messy towards the end of the 12 weeks but you can keep it looking tidy with a simple comb or brush, this is really important to avoid the pubic mound. 

Visit a Barber to shape it

Once you have hit the three month mark it's time to go to the barber and give your beard some shape. There are loads of different options but to simplify things you can either have the sides and front all one length as I do, or alternatively you can opt for the V formation which is having the front of the beard longer that the sides which gives a V shape to it, up to you what you prefer. Do a little bit of research before you go to the barber and if possible show him exactly what you want, and do your research on the barber too! My first barber completely fucked my beard and set me back a few months so it's important to find one who knows what he is doing. I watched my barber work for the first 3 times to get a jist of what he was doing, results are below.


I'm a do it yourself kinda guy when it comes to my beard, Although my barber did a good job there where still certain things I wasn't 100% happy with so rather than just correct his work I took matters into my own hands. I bought myself a good set of clippers and I now maintain my own beard every 2-3 weeks. How? It's easy.

1. First give your beard a really good comb to straighten out all the hair and get rid of any knots

2. In front of the mirror place one hand flat on top of your beard and follow it with the clippers down your face, skimming off all of the stray hairs as you go down, do it a few times on each side to make sure nothing is sticking out.

3. Comb it again, this time we are going to level out and shape the bottom of the beard so comb it well and make sure you get rid of any knots.

4. Your barber has already shaped the bottom of your beard, you just need to follow the line that has already been made. So slowly and carefully starting from the middle of your face moving backward towards your neck, follow the shape, don't be afraid to take uneven hairs off and try to take about 2-3mm off the length, if you are trimming every 3 weeks you will still have growth so don't worry!

5. Comb again, then from the sides under your jaw move inward towards the centre of your face to the level you have already cut, do this on both sides and check that they are even.

6. Wash your beard and dry it then repeat once more... I'm serious! Like this I always get a perfect job. 

7.Lastly the maintainence around the edges... I've got that sorted now with my Dapperzapper, the hair on the sides only grows where I want it to, even on my cheeks and I also have maintained the hairline on the back of my neck so my hair always looks tidy too. You just follow the same proceedure to shave as normal, following the beard line your barber cut, and then once you have shaved Dapperzapp the the areas where you don't want hair to grow anymore.



Care and upkeep

I treat the hair on my face in the same manner as I treat the hair on my head, I wash my beard when I wash my face and condition it at the same time too, while the condition is in there it's usually a good time to comb it, and don't be scared to give it a good scrub, you eat, drink and do other fine things to the ladies with that beard on your face so it's important to keep it clean. After washing I use beard oil on my beard. Works a treat. After around 6-8 months the monster will start to appear, try not to play with it too much as you'll knot it, as well as looking a little nutty in public.

I hope that has given you all the info you need to grow an maintain a savage beard any man would be proud of, remember maintenance of the rest of your bodily hair is vital, keep your nutsack, crack and six pack hair free with the Dapperzapper ;)





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