How to shave your lollipops

Why should you shave your nutsack right? Well I'll get to the core reason soon, but let's just say that in this case it's preparation for the permanent result which will mean you won't HAVE TO DO IT FOREVER! So now you have taken a sight of relief...Firstly, razoring in my opinion is a lot less risky than clipping, I've personally done both in the past and have nicked my plums with clippers far more than with razors, if you prepare right and are slow and steady with the process you will be fine. You will have a few shitty days after day three with regrowth but that should only happen for the first 3-4 weeks.

Prepare the area


In order to make sure you don't clog up your razor and prevent the likelihood of nicking your nutsack ever further it's a good Idea to firstly trim your sack and whatever other hairs you are going to be doing in that area first. For your plums grab the hairs themselves and hold them taut, then getting comfortably close but not to close to your jewels, cut the excess hair off until you have removed say 80% of the hair, the bush, the rest we can get with the razor after, likewise for your gooch and your butt.

Warm shower

Most men know this already...but if you don't let me give you another tip.. When you shave your face it's usually a good Idea to do so after you have had a warm shower, the hair on your face will be softer and it is easier to work with. Same goes with any other parts of your body. Give your nut's and wherever else your going to attack a good scrub with a loofah and some soap to get it squeaky clean and get rid of any dead skin. 

Time to attack

Preparation is the key, I use shaving balm for my face and when I used to have to do my balls I would use the same balm. Balm is a safer option than shaving cream because shaving cream hides what lies whats underneath, an you don't want to play Russian roulette with your nutsack, right? Balm up the areas you want to shave one bit at a time so the balm is it's most effective, as I mentioned earlier slow and steady wins the race.


After lathering up, grab your gear from the base as if to make an Ok symbol around it, then hold them so that the skin is taut and start methodically working around the area, you don't have to be 100% perfect but I'm sure most of you will want to show off your new hairdo to your other half anyhow, right. Work from one side to the other and make sure all of the long hairs are removed, if you leave hairs that are 2mm long it wont effect the process too much.


Shaft is just as delicate as the balls, pressing from the underside to make the surface as flat as possible is key here, so grab it from the underside and pull up on it to squish it out a bit...if you get a fat one during the process all good.. it will just make things a little easier anyhow.


This part of the body is like doing the neck, pull the skin in the direction you want to shave it and all is well here.


like the cheeks on your face, probably the easiest of all to shave, this is going to feel a little weird but use a mirror laying on the floor to make sure you make neat work of it as it's a little more difficult to see.

Bald as a babys ass

Presto. Bald eagle. Now you have a hair-free area that feels wicked for the first couple of days.... there is a way to keep this feeling forever that takes one more step for about 4-16 weeks depending in how much of a hair mofo you are and also whether you want to completely remove or just reduce the hair there, it's completely pain free and will only take half the time of the first process, and it's permanent.... Brozillahs Dapperzapper™ is a laser treatment which isn't actually laser at all, i't different spectrum's of light used to make hair growth benign in the affected area. It only takes a few applications and the results are permanent.

                              How to shave and maintain your ball hairs


Until you have achieved bald eagle status there will be a few uncomfortable days, but there are ways of making the process as less irritating as possible.

Underwear that fits

Dudes that wear loose fitting boxers or free-ball are going to suffer the most here especially if its a hot day. So even if you don't like restricting the boys it will serve you better to support the bo-dangles for a day or so during the itchiest phase. Having breifs that support will reduce the rubbing substantially and help you through the itchy phase are my top tip, especially boxers that will stop your balls rubbing up against your legs.

Thin Moisturiser

Sounds weird I know but moisturising  your balls will help..I'm actually chuckling while I think about it but it's true. If your skin isn't dry it will itch less, so use a light odorless moisturiser and watch how much less you want to rip your balls out of their sockets.

Baby Powder

Just keeps getting better huh.... Yep, baby powder is designed to absorb dampness and reduce itchiness, so it's actually perfect to apply to your gonads until you are totally hair free, put it in your undies after you have showered and feel the difference it makes.

So there you have it, you're hairfree and if you go the whole hog with the Dapperzapper™ you will maintain the look to have likable Lollipops the girls will love to fondle.

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