How to use an IPL laser at home

Firstly shave any areas with a razor that you wish to use the Dapperzapper (IPL Laser) on. Do not use hair removal creams or wax as the hair needs to be as close to the surface as possible for the Dapperzapper (IPL Laser) to work most effectively.
  1. Make sure your skin is completely clean and without any products on the skin surface prior to use, the best time to use the Dapperzapper (IPL Laser) is right after a shower.
  2. Plug the Dapperzapper (IPL Laser) into a powerpoint and your device.
  3. Press and hold the small clear button on the back side of the Dapperzapper (IPL Laser) for one second until the light eluminates in green.
  4. Press the power button to adjust intensity level from 1-5 adjust according to how hairy you are (Slightly hair to Monkeyman)
  5. Place the device flat on your skin,the Dapperzapper (IPL Laser) won't work unless the lense is completely flat up against your skin for safety reasons.
  6. Press the big black button just above the logo – for faster treatment, keep the Dapperzapper (IPL Laser) flat on your skin and move the device to the areas you wish to treat, making sure you only Dapperzap the area once each treatment.
  7. Once finished, press and hold the button on the back of the Dapperzaper (IPL Laser) until the lights are no longer illuminated.

You are now one step closer to pornstar plums and an aerodynamic back, six pack and crack. Well done bro!

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