Hygiene where it matters

Men have typically spent a lot of time and effort to keep their armpits hygienic and more recently it has become more common to manscape your pits as well, but the same level of care and attention has not been taken to the nutsack and butt-crack (let's call them sack and crack). The most humorous comparison I've ever heard about my sack has been from a girl who compared the odor to the smell of bleach...and come on guys, let's face it, I've bet you had a bit of a whiff out of curiosity at some stage and realised your sack smells whack, if you live in a hot country the hair down their actually adds to the discomfort and if you clipper or shave your sack...three day growth is itchy bro.



I'm not much of an admirer of fitted T-shirts, some guys are and power to them,  drainpipe jeans are fine but summers in warmer countries means you should be paying a little more attention to the clothes you wear. The lucky few can get away with wearing shorts everyday but not every bloke is in the same boat, so maybe to avoid looking like you've wet yourself with sweat consider wearing some looser gear. Likewise when clipping downstairs, you want to try to make sure you don't clipper too close for comfort.



Yep, smelliest part of a guys body if not looked after. Especially if you have a rendezvous with a new girl (or guy) if not taken care of correctly this can cause some serious embarrassment. Obviously your feet need to be washed and cleaned just like the rest of your body, but have your ever thought of deodorant spray... yep the same that you use for your pits, does the same job down there bro! If you like to wear kicks (sneakers) wash them, or at least in-soles once every couple of months especially in summer, it's just a matter of putting them in the washing machine with an old towel. If you're the type of guy that likes to dress up a little more, and wear dress shoes etc. leave them outside in the sun for a day, the sun will help to reduce the smell by killing the bacteria, but do it regularly to keep the foot cheese at bay.


The sex wash

If you have facial hair like me then you might enjoy the remnants after going down on a woman on your face...But be a little thoughtful boys, make sure that before you go out in public if you have had any sort of action, shower. Sex juice is not something you want on your nads or your face, unless you want to smell like a stale kitty after a couple of hours, and if you have been with someone new you can increase the likely-hood of getting some sort of disease.

Also if you have had a bat, flogged the log, spanked the monkey....at least wash your one eyed snake so you don't leave stains on your undies.


Manscape lads

For a few reasons, if your going to get any action you want to make sure you look your best everywhere, that includes your sack and crack as well. Recent surveys show that a girl doesn't want a peter pan down there, so the order of the day is to take care of your shaft, and your sack and leave your dickstash alone, clipping is enough. It will also give you the appearance of bigger manhood boys. Get a bigger looking manhood here:




Take care of your fuzz in different ways

Clipper or trim your dickstash and dapperzapp the rest of that shit, you wont have to worry about constantly nicking your plums or rod and after a couple of months you'll have lollipop nuts your mrs will pay more attention to, guaranteed...and the bleach smell will be all but gone...Different methods for different parts of the body is the key, Some will dapperzap all over and that's cool, and others will choose to do specific parts of the body. Whatever you decide, you'll be stoked with the results you get from the dapperzapper.

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