Pubic Hair: battle of the sexes

Men and women have both got hair down their right? Let's do a comparison just out of curiosity between the male and female species.


Pubes used to be a taboo subject but like most things now it has almost become normal and even humerous to discuss the hair on your nutsack. We all do different things with our mound so I thought it would be interesting to do a little research to see what both me and women do with their short and curlys, you might be surprise with some of my finidings.


1.Most Yanks hedge the bush : 

A survey was taken recently that found that 80% of women groom the mound.. and the other 20% don't get sex...joking.They usually do it once per month on average, except in the case of women who were single and dating, of which they have a bit of a snip on a daily basis, yep.. no shit. 75 percent of ladies do their lips and 60 percent of chicks completely bare.


Lot's of blokes are doing a bit of manscaping as well, with 50 % of blokes cutting the fuzz. Of the guys that groom 90% do just their dickstash, and 50% do their nuts and shaft. The surprising thing is that most blokes are using clippers or scissors to groom their hair. Oldskool dudes, but most don't even know or are too embarrassed to go to a clinic to get something permanent done unlike their female counterparts. Which is scary because another study found that 25% of blokes cut their balls when shaving or clipping.Cut a long story short there is a method of hair removal which is permanent, painless, and inexpensive that saves a shitload of time and nicked nutsacks:


Guys need to be even more careful with your nutsack due to Fournier’s gangrene. It's an infection that affects 1 in 7,500 people, but is more common in older men and can destroy your manhood. Diabetes, lupus, Crohn’s disease, leukemia, or HIV, could increase your risk for Fournier’s gangrene. If you have any of these conditions or a weakened immune system, The Dapperzapper is the perfect option for you.


2. Women feel more pain in the kitty cat when they wax during their period:

Yep, not only are women grumpy and a pain in the ass to be around during their period, but it's also said that waxing is more painful for them at this time of the month due to their high levels of hormones. Somehting to tell your Mrs, Miss or Mistress about.


3.73% of Blokes and 55% of women prefer a trimmed partner:

Shagging has some unusual motivation for both guys and girls with the majority favouring a well groomed partner in the nether regions, whats even more unusual is that half of women trim just before gettin it ooon and a quarter of dudes do the same.


6. It's a fact, you groom and you're more likely to get head

Probably no surprises there for most of us, no one want's to floss while going down on a girl, right? Chicks funnily enough think the same! 


7. Removing your pubes - Does is improve sex?

This opinion differs depending on who you speak with and what articles you read, having hair on your shaft increases contact with your partner and heightens the sexual pleasure for a bloke, and yes, it's normal to have hair on your shaft. For a woman some will also say that it intensified their sexual pleasure, but some women say that it actually made them too sensitive... 


9. Trimming your dickstash is good for your confidence

Having a trimmed nutsack and shaft increases your confidence in the same way getting a haircut does. You look neat, tidy and in the case of us blokes having a trimmed dickstash and shaft makes us look bigger. You feel more confident and of course you're going to reflect that confidence in the bedroom.  


10. No dude, your pubes don't keep growing:

Unlike the hair on your head the hair between your legs doesn't keep growing as the growth cycle actually has a limit, unlike the hair on your head, so won't be able to make a pubic rope from your growth.




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