Pubic Hair throughout the ages

So where did our manscaping mentality come from?

The choice to manscape (or not to manscape) your pubic hair is a personal decision, but history, culture and trends have given us our ideals  about what is kept and unkept. History, media, celebrities and the world around us have changed our perspectives on pubic hair, which gives the hair down there a history as varied era to era as the history of sex . 

In Ancient Egypt, men removed public hair through copper razors, flintstones, and sugaring, a process like a waxing but made of sugar and water together made into a paste, then like waxing removed with a cloth. This was done for hygene purposes to ensure no lice or anything else would hinder their service to their living gods. Although not all Ancient Egyptians removed their ancient bush, as some hieroglyphics and art of the era depict men with a forest of pubes. 

Ancient Greece and Rome
In Rome, upper-class men got rid of their public hair through pretty much any manner of methods that were available: tweezers, stones and they even made hair removal creams, and copper razors like their Egyptian counterparts. Men of Ancient Greece would even go as far as individually plucking out each individual hair or burning it off...great balls of fire!!!

The Middle Ages

The Middle Ages were a time where shaving off your muff was reserved for the lower class because of the rampant diseases of the time, so if you were in high-standing, chances we’re that you had some thick man bush on your gonads. It's thought that men kept their bushes alive and thriving to help protect them from dust, dirt, and vermin.

Razors in the 20th century 

Our thoughts on pubic hair seemed to vary from decade to decade. It was during this period the fashion of mens overgrown illustrious beards and mustaches were born, and proudly displayed for the world to see. Likewise downstairs the trend was long and strong with man bush left wild and free.

The 70's
The 70s were all about the bush, everywhere and all the time, it was all part of the free loving hippie movement which naturally coincided with this freedom... it wasn't only men that let there hair go free... but women as well....questionable. I'd always said I wished I was alive during this era but having a mouthful of bush when I go down on a woman might have changed my perspective a little. 

The 80s into the 90s, saw (thankfully) a shift from the naturally bushy look of the 70's. This was the power eraand pop culture reflected this by a complete 18 degree shift in the mentality. Porn was part of pop culture and this saw the men of the time doin' the dirk diggler and cutting there fur.


Early 2000s...I still remember shaving my girlfriend down there and she in exchange returned the favour... and I had three day growth on my balls for a week....what a joy. A lot of how we thought about pubes hair had to do with the clothing styles. This saw the age of the Brazilian for women... yeahh baby yeahhh....This was the era where it was pretty common for the bloke to re look at his body hair, chest shaving became more popular and even the shaving of pits for some blokes. But this left the average guy with a new problem... body stubble. Waxing was a little better but is painful, and not a permanent solution.

Then there was laser, although invented in 1963 it was never actually popularised until the the last 7 years, and to this day for blokes the only place they felt they could have this sort of treatment done was in a salon, which is expensive.


Dapperzapper to the rescue Bro's! For the price of 2 trips to the salon you can have the same permanent results as home, and you can use it almost anywhere.... The modern guy deserves to have pornstar plums, a hairless shaft and aerodynamic back and six pack. 


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