Why shave your Nutsack

If you've never shaved or clippered your plums (nuts, testies, balls), you really need to know something. There are basically two main issues in the process. The first is the risk of nicking your nutsack when using clippers, it's likely to happen... it's happened to me and I was using wahl (great brand of clippers used by hairdressers) so you need to be ultra careful. It's not that it hurts to much in that if you do do it, but if you're a responsible guy it puts you out of action till the cut heals, so no sex for about a week. Believe it or not razors are actually easier and there is a lot less risk of nicking yourself...but there in lies a problem as well, which is even worse than clipping and nicking...Three day growth on your nutsack and shaft...it's fucking itchy bro's, and it lasts for at least 3-4 days after it starts. What's even more fun (in my personal experience) is that the “cactus shaft makes sex for females extremely uncomfortable. Dapperzapper is designed to eliminate that issue after a few uses but in the interim, you need to deal with the issue... so here are some tips to minimise the itchiness until you have the pornstar plums and hairless shaft:
Why do they itch?

Stubbly plums:

Look at the three day growth you get on your face, mine itches like hell and feels like sandpaper, but my facial hair is thick so it would vary from bloke to bloke depending on how corse your facial hair is. Now you have to imagine that your face is not constantly rubbing up against another surface like your nuts are, which makes matters even worse than on your face, plus there is the sweat in an enclosed space which adds to the discomfort, besides getting kicked in the nuts it's one of the most uncomfortable feelings in the world.
You can make the discomfort a little easier to deal with by either A. Shave and use talcum powder for a few days till the itch goes. or B. Clipping your nuts and using a longer blade length (dapperzapper works best with hair no longer than 2mm) get a permanent look here:

                               Shaving your balls is oldskool

Ingrown Hair

One down, let's tackle the next one: Ingrown hair, itchy as fuck. The ingrown hair problem happens when you shave or when the hairs aren't strong enough to penetrate the surface of the skin any more after being Dapperzapped a few times, pretty easy fix and this will happen anywhere on the body you have Dapperzapped so the same formula applies. It looks like a zit (pimple) right? Pop that mofo, then pull the hair out and use a thin unscented moisturiser to minimise irritation. 

Shaving/clipping Rash

When you shave your face sometimes it gets a little irritated especially after you put aftershave on right? This is because you have probably taken a few layers of skin off your face while shaving it, even though you can't see it rest assured that's what you have done... ditto for your nutsack bro's. The solution is pretty similar t what I've mentioned above too, thin unscented moisturiser to avoid stinging your plums and talcum powder.

Common Sense

When you shave or clipper make sure you shower after to avoid leaving sharp and uncomfortable hair in your undies.....and if you are shaving your nuts for the first time, cut them shorter or clipper them first. it will make the shaving part easier....be slow and careful!

The bonuses

Is all of this worth it...absolutely, it will save you time clipping or shaving in the long term, feels loads more comfortable and is a lot more hygienic and odorless...Ask any of your girlfriends (or boyfriends if you are that way inclined) how they feel about licking a hairless pair of plums and riding a hairless shaft... Let's just say the reply will be a source of encouragement. Also when you Dapperzapp after a little while you will be completely hairless down there where you want to be... so the sensations of sex are intensified because there is no hair to get in the way, so prepare for an improved sex life in more ways than one bro's!


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