Should men manscape their Armpits?

A few years ago the answer to this question would have been an astounding no, (with the exception to the gay community) but these day the times have changed dramatically.

You're now the odd one out if you don't do some sort of maintenance to your armpits,and I was shocked with the results from a recent survey confirming that over half of the male population in the states shave their armpits. 

The general consensus is that while you have the trimmer out, might as well, right? Well, sort of. I actually sweat quite a bit and I tried it once a couple of years ago. Yes I felt more comfortable for the first day or so, but them the regrowth....regrowth vs deodorant...bad combination, it kind of counteracted my reasoning behind doing it in the first place as I couldn't use deodorant 2 days after doing it for a week, and in summer, not good news for a dude. 

Now, like me you may not think it’s manly to trim your armpits, but take a look at your pits: 70's style vaginas under each arm....maybe time to rethink?

Shaving might not be the best option because of the regrowth, but maybe you should consider IPL laser? Dapperzapper not just to completely remove unwanted hair from your body, but the way that the system works is that hair grows in cycles, with each of these cycles differing. So by using it you can retain your manliness and still reduce the amount of hair you have under there, or if you prefer to remove it all..go right ahead as well.


You will need to shave the area with a razor as IPL laser (Dapperzapper) isn't as effective with long hair, the device needs to reach the follicle to work so you will need to shave for the first 6-12 weeks depending on whether you want less or no hair, and you will need to do this once a week every week. 

But as with every other part of your body where hair grows you can use Dapperzapper to permanently remove your unwanted hair


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