To be or not to be (hairy): A females perspective

A common question on the modern mans mind these days is whether it's more attractive to be hairy or hairless from a females point of view. Not a simple question, and a woman being a woman it's not a simple answer either, lets break it down.

Chest area

- Roughly 60% of women like frontal body hair, not the free flowing monkey magic kind but maintained and without stubble so no close trimming, bro's! and they don't like a guy with hair everywhere on their chest either. On the peck's it's fine and a snail trail is ok too, but everywhere else is a little too gorilla guy.

- 40% of women like a hair free man: Aerodynamically smooth as a baby's ass.


- 90% of women don't want to see hair on a mans back or back of neck, if you have hair growing there you should consider terrorising that sh1t. Women see back hair as a close comparison to our primate cousins the ape

Sack, crack and shaft

This is where is gets interesting...99% of Ladies like the dickstash (the hair above the member) but love a hair-free experience on your nutsack (genitals/balls) and shaft (love rod, terminator, one eyed snake...), and also while they are down there they don't really want to see hair on your gooch (the skin between your nutsack and butthole) while they are polishing your knob, and they don't want to feel like they are riding/licking a cactus either.

Legs, arms, shoulders

Again, a little more of a complex answer, arm hair in a woman's eye is ok, as long as it isn't excessive and doesn't go past the bicep/tricep, if it's either too hairy or too close to the shoulders it's a no go.

So how to deal with excess hair?

Up until recently there were some available options, and as a hairy MOFO I've tried them all:


Clipper or trimmer:


+ Good to keep a length maintained for dickstash and chest

+ One off cost for a while at least if a decent quality clipper/trimmer is bought 


- Dangerous for you maintaining your nutsack and shaft as you can nick either one pretty easily

- On the bare blade, stubble like 3 day growth feel if used on back, shoulders, upper arms and also the nutsack and crack

- Need to keep blades oiled/change blades depending on which brand you use.

- Not a permanent solution




+ All guys have a razor at home, good last minute option


- Itchy as F&^k after a couple of days, very irritable and uncomfortable

- Constant maintenance and likelihood of rash: not a good look on your shaft or nutsack bro!

- Uncomfortable for her: Cactus shaft/prickly plums

- You'll go through razors like there is no tomorrow if you're using them on your body

- Not a permanent solution


P.S. The above two options will actually make your hair thicker over time!




+ Low maintenance option 

+ Hair doesn't feel uncomfortable when you get regrowth

+ Long lasting: Usually 2-3 weeks depending on how much of a hairy prick you are 


- Painful bro! 

- Even more painful on your nutsack and shaft...been there done that glad I don't have to do it again!

 - Not a permanent solution


 Hair Removal Cream


+ Low maintenance option 

+ Hair doesn't feel uncomfortable when you get regrowth

+ Really easy to use


- Because it's a chemical it's not suggested to use on your nutsack or shaft

- It's messy

- Only lasts as long as shaving





IPL Laser - Brozillah Dapperzapper

The last option is the savior for modern mans hair removal needs; the Jesus Christ of all hair removal products for men....The Brozillah Dapperzapper, It uses IPL Laser technology which stands for Intense Pulsed Light, the device looks like a wide torch and generates a gentle pulse of light from the lens to the epidermis (layers under top level of skin). Brozillahs Dapperzapper hair removal device affects the root of the hair, causing the follicle (root of the hair) to be inactive, permanently. Basically the hair you have falls out, and gradually your body grows less hair in the area you have targeted. That smoothness lasts a long time, too. You can't call it permanently technically because a new follicle can form and grow, but with once every three month maintenance you'll remain as aerodynamically smooth as a baby's ass. 


+ One off cost that lasts 24 years

+ Easy to use

+ Safe for your nutsack, back and crack (as well as your six pack)

+ Long lasting results (permanently affects follicles so they no longer grow)

+ Pain free

+ No stubble/regrowth

+ You can also use it to reduce as well as remove hair depending on how much you use it on the affected area


So it looks like we have a clear winner right? Get yourself one of these puppies and you'll never have to worry about stubble on your nutsack or shaft, a hairy back, six back, crack or sack again. 






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