Top Tips to look Dapper

Style is a lot more than a nice suit and good pair of shoes, it falls into the little details that make the complete picture, and make you look, well...dapper.

Up until not to long ago it was quite normal for a guy to be content to wash his face with a bar of soap, well that's at least what I was doing until my other half told me that unless I want to look 10 years older than I am I need to look after my skin...this lead onto a lot of other little details that a woman notice.

You can have great dress sense but if you smell like sweat, have hair coming out of your nose and ears, all of that effort went out the window.

Guys, it's not feminine to look after yourself, I thought that...and after taking the time to look after myself more realised it's all to create a better version of you. It's just about self respect. For you, for that girl your into, and for that job you have always wanted, appearance matters

I'm in my 40's and grew up in Australia, 20 years ago if your mates found out that I spent time in front of the mirror doing anything but brushing my teeth I would have copped an earful, that's all in the past but it has brought on a whole bunch of other problems the modern guy needs to take care of.

So lets get it on!

1.Take care of the way you smell:
Just because you think you smell fine, doesn't mean everybody else thinks so. This may seem obvious but there are 3 things you need to do to make sure you smell your best. 
Shower once a day, in warm climates and for those guys that work with their hands...make it twice a day. Sweat doesn't usually smell right away but if it's left on your body you will smell like a sock. 


2.Wash your clothes after wearing them once.

I once worked with a guy that looked well groomed, but used to wear the same clothes a couple of days in a row. You could smell him as soon as he walked in the door and the dude stank, so much so that even on days that weren't so hot we used to turn on the AC to blow the air in his direction and away from us. 

3.Wear antiperspirant deodorant if you can - there is a difference between deodorant and antiperspirant, deodorant isn't effective against combating smells but just covers them up, so if you don't have any allergies wear something with aluminium. It combats the smell and stops you from sweating at the same time.

2. Nails dude, trim them:

This is the one tip above all that if not done can make you not only look like a hobo but also a little girly, guys with long nails look camp. Trim that shit. Clippers are easier to use but scissors are supposed to be more precise. I'll leave that decision to you. The one thing I would definitely suggest is doing it after you shower, its a lot easier to do as your nails have softened.

3. Nose and ear hair:
I know, as you get older hair starts growing in places where it never used to, it get it, it's frustrating..but unless you wanna look like your Grampa or even worse your close descendant the ape, you really need to trim, or pluck. Yep, pluck. I pluck my nose and ear hairs, it brings tears to my eyes but it means I only need to do it once every couple of months and my nose feels squeaky clean in the meantime.

Here is a story from an actual relative of mine. He was on a train sometime in the 80’s and noticed a rather large hair coming out of his nose. He decided that it would be a smart idea to go to the bathroom and burn the hair with a lighter. To his surprise (but not mine) the hair burned and the fumes went into his nostrils, causing him to start coughing and feeling bad.

Don’t be that man. Invest in a nose trimmer, we did not include it in the best holiday gifts for nothing.

4. Clean your teeth twice a day

I sound like your mum right now, right? Well your mum was helping you to inadvertently get laid dude so give her a hug next time you see her. Girls will not kiss nor have sex with a dude who has stinky breath, she doesn't want to kiss a toilet and does not want you to kiss her lovelips with a smelly mouth either. Brush, twice a day, morning and night, floss as many times. Invest in gum but don't chew it like a cow. Nice one! 

7. Care for your feet:

That thick growth you have on your heel? That's a callous. No big deal right? When they are not cared for they look like a desert on your heels. Use whats called a pumice stone, when you shower just use it on the overgrowth as if you where sanding a piece of would till you can feet the stone against your soft skin, you would be surpised how thick it can get. Wash your feet as you would with the rest of your body, that means between your toes and the base of your feet as well. leave your feet to dry and use deodorant on them as well if you are putting socks on your feet.

8. Beard Care

I have a bit of beard love going on, it's long and strong. But well maintained. Most won't have the girth of my hairy little friend but the same rules apply for whatever length you have, I love my beard so much I wrote an article about him... and I've since named him Gus....anyhow here is how to look after a longer beard

For all you tamer blokes, get yourself a trimmer and take care of it at least fortnightly, the hair on your face grows a lot faster than on your head, and it's wild...and course and thus needs more attention than the hair on your head too, luckily it's on your face so you can see it easily.

9. Shave right
If you are not the beard kind of guy, you need to learn to shave, properly.
Before my beard days I used shaving balm on my face, I found shaving cream difficult to dispense and tended to waste a lot of it, and I actually found that balm worked better as well. Shave after you shower, it's easier and you wont cut your face as much. I know that a lot of people tell you not to shave against the grain, 90% of the time I obeyed this rule but if I had a hot date, I would shave with the grain then against. It's a closer shave and your sexy counterpart will love how smooth your face feels. Clean your blade after you shave, it will last longer and work better.

10. Moisturise
Growing up as a kid with acne and oily skin I always tried to dry out my skin as much as possible, so it seemed strange to me that 15 years later my skin is overly dry and that I need to hydrate it... but after some persuasion from my other half I noticed a massive difference, I look younger and healthier and it's from a simple regime.

Washing with a mid range priced face wash and use a light moisturiser after washing, I only wash with this wash in the eve, in the morning I just use water to wake myself up and clean off any sleep. 

Normal Skin: Your skin is not going to get dry or oily. 
Dry Skin: Your skin gets easily dry, tight and red, and flakes up when washing with hot water.
Oily Skin: Opposite of dry, your skin gets oily.
Combination Skin: Normal skin at some points, dry patches in areas like your nose or cheeks.
there are loads of different products but cut away from all the crap, I would say that you only need two products. A Cleanser and a Moisturiser.

11. Cut your hair you Hippy
Hair grows about 1cm per month. If you shave your head or cut it really close, cut it every 3-4 weeks to keep it looking sharp and manageable. Get a decent Barber...there are a lot of shoddy ones out there so it may not be easy. Make sure you check the back once its cut and around the ears, as these two spots make all the difference between a good and average cut.

12. Use a 30+ sunscreen if you live in a sunny climate
Coming from Oz there were always ads on TV telling you to slip slop slap...sounds a little erotic but it means slip on a t-shirt, slop on some sunscreen and slap on a hat.. yep, slap.Water resistant and SPF 30+ is one of the things you should look for.

14. Monobrow
I had a friend growing up who was an even hairier monster than me. He would spend 30 mins doing his hair but never touched his eyebrow... I guess he was subliminally attached to the hairy fucker.

GET.RID.OF.IT - if you are reading this and have one. stop reading...get up and do something with it, you hairy monkey.

16. Manscaping
Excess hair on the body is not an attractive thing, especially in the wrong places. I have a hairy chest, and I like it...It makes me feel like a man and it makes my Mrs' girly parts go all nice and mushy. I once had hair on my back and I was deeply embarrassed by it, I would epilate...when doing it on my own usually with a ladies epilator on the end of a wooden spoon...fuck off ;) then my girly got me to go to get laser treatments, expensive and painful...Then I bought a Brozillah Dapperzapper, which is a men's IPL laser home device (more info here).. bye bye feral back, I'm hair free. I used it on my balls and shaft too, it's safe and it works a treat, the hair has never grown back. I love it almost as much as my car and coffee machine:




15. Sleep dude sleep
Are you a grumpy fucker in the morning? Snappy? Do you have black circles around your eyes? Concentration lacking? It's all due to a lack of sleep, probably one of the most important factors not only in looking good but being on top of your game. Work out how much sleep you need to be in that mindset... not by oversleeping dude or being a lazy prick. Find out what you need and make sure you get it. You will perform better at work, concentrate more, be a nicer person to be around and be more attractive to the ladies.


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