What are women attracted to in a Man

What exactly do the opposite sex see in us blokes? Of course this answer has some cultural and age variances but there are some commonalities across the spectrum which are general for most women.. and, some of them might surprise you a little bit. With women its usually the little things that we do rather than the overall picture, they think differently and pay attention to different details then us guys. Here are the few little things I've personally noticed in my lifetime:


Women on average spend a lot of money on their lingerie, sometimes more than on the actual outfits they wear on top believe it or not, so when they look at a guy they also tend to notice the small details. I was in a long distance relationship for some time and once went to visit a girlfriend who's friend invited us to her wedding. I'd packed a pretty dapper suit and shirt some nice shoes but in the preparation for the trip I forgot to pack dress socks and had only remembered my sport socks, they were black just the same but when we arrived at the wedding together we were sitting down and naturally my pants had hiked up a little bit.... It was at this point I got some lip service from my girlfriend on my socks. Bro's, details matter. When you are on a date pick a nice pair of socks, or if you haven't got any nice ones go out and buy them, they are important and they tell a lot about you as a man believe it or not. Tastes vary but the most important thing is that they aren't too glary and they match the colour scheme of the clothes you are wearing. Ditto goes for undies, they don't have to be branded but a respectable pair with no holes or too faded show a woman that you care about what you look like under your clothes and that you want to look your best for her.


Girls don't want to see a guy who's finger nails are longer than hers or that have dirt or grease under them. You don't have to go overboard but just make sure that they are clean and not too long, likewise goes for your toes, keep them trimmed and not out of control and defo without any dirt underneath them.

Hair in the right places, and not in the other places

Most girls like a man with a bit of hair on his chest, as long as it's not mangled and out of control, so keep it well maintained. There are some other areas though, where hair is a definite no-no;

Back: We aren't primates anymore and the sight and feel of hairs in this part of the body will give them the impression that you are a bit of a Monkey man dude, get rid of it...NOW! 

Upper arms: Again the sight of hair on the lower part of a mans arm is considered sexy and manly to most women, but on the upper part, which is anything above the bicep, it's a little too hairy, so you should look at getting rid of the hair their too.

Armpits: This is a tricky one, up until recently it was pretty peter pan to be hairless under your arms, but some women liken the lack of armpit hair to the level of your hygiene, the middle ground it to have a little there but not too much.

Plums and Rod: While most girls think a man should have a dickstash otherwise they feel as if they are committing pedophilia, your plums and rod should be hair free, not prickly and smooth to touch.. on the up side for us a hairless shaft is a lot more sensitive than one that isn't..bare that in mind! 

To keep your body hair in check use the bad boy below, the Dapperzapper is good for a few purposes, it can completely get rid of all of your unwanted hair but it can also reduce the amount of hair you have, this works depending on how many times you use it on the area you want to remove/reduce hair. It can also be used to remove part of the hair on your body, but not all, for example the hair on your neck under your chin, parts of your belly etc.


Be a man

Some fashion and style trends are a little sketchy these days, this might work well with the younger guys, but if you are older than 35, KISS is the way forward... Keep It Simple Stupid ;) If your a casual dresser that's cool, just don't go wearing fluro joggers or the latest brand t-shirt with the label spewed all over the front, it looks childish and makes you look like a little boy. Plain T-shirts or ones with a small logo are fine, Jeans that fit are also necessary, ripped torn and whatever else is fine, just make sure they aren't hanging off your ass unless you want to look like a hobo. If your a preppy kind of guy, not too fancy with the shirt patterns unless you want to look like Liberace and make sure it isn't two sizes two small either. Pants/Chinos should also fit well and be the correct length.

Chicks Dig Animals

All of the above can be completely disregarded if you have a cute dog by your side when you are out for a walk. Girls go completely gaga when they see a man walking a dog along the promenade. I think subconsciously the maternal side of a woman comes out when she can see a man looking after something other than himself, so if you have been without a lady for a while, get a dog. They are a great conversation starter and if you are a single guy a great companion as well.

Grow a beard

I might get a resounding no from some lads with this one, but I have sported a beard for the last couple of years, a lengthy one I might add, and the reception has been, remarkable. Mine has a bit of a silver streak so maybe that's the trick but I've noticed that the ladies tend to look a little more than they used to before. 


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