Why Laser instead of Clipper?

My Brothers from another mother,

The subject of lasering (or using an IPL - Intense Pulsed Light) as a hair removal option is not really covered for the man's man, I've seen a few cringe-worthy videos on youtube and I guess this is one of the main reasons why so few men use laser as a means of treating their gorilla-like hairiness. This post is to give a little insight and info about the advantages of Dapperzappering your six-pack, back, sack, and crack.

Permanent Result

Using an IPL laser gives a permanent result, what I mean by that is that the overall amount of hair on your body will be reduced permanently, if you're a hairy mofo this is good news as you won't be embarrassed to expose yourself anymore, and your nut-sack will be as silky smooth as a baby's ass. It doesn't mean that you will never have to use it again though, maintenance is required to Dapperzapp any new hairs that form.



Clipping (manscaping) can be dangerous for your bo-dangles

Yes there are clippers that offer technology to stop you from getting nicked which work well on your back, 6 pack and crack (for you educated folk - back, chest, and bottom) but your sack (testicles) and shaft have softer slack skin which gets caught between the blades, the result, your nut-sack gets nicked, bro. After a few weeks of using the Dapperzapper, your twisty tangled pubes will eventually disappear leaving a few soft hairs and eventually an aerodynamic nut-sack and shaft. Though you can still use clippers to keep your dickstash (hair above your penis) trimmed or go full porn star and Dapperzap that shit as well.

Cactus shaft

After a few days of shaving or clipping, do you get the three-day growth? Itchy as hell right? and no girl wants to touch a chest with stubble or ride a cactus shaft either. With IPL laser, when hair actually does grow back the first few times, it's a lot softer than shaving, and as I mentioned Dapperzapper will eventually eliminate the hair altogether giving you a cactus-free shaft and chest.

Sensitivity during sex

After using the IPL laser a few times the Dapperzapper will eventually soften your bodily hairs, if you use it on your nut-sack and shaft you'll feel a lot more of her after a few uses as well.

Use to reduce hair rather than eliminate

Some men (like myself for instance) like the hair on their chest, it makes them feel like a man. With IPL laser you can use it just in the sections where you want to reduce the hair, Dapperzapper will reduce the quantity of hair on your body before it eliminates it altogether, so if you just want to reduce but maintain this is the perfect option.

So bros there you have it. IPL is for the man's man as well as the ladies, and with Dapperzappers men's strength laser you can use it to tame or eliminate your pubes to give you pornstar plums, a cactus free shaft or aerodynamic back, six-pack or crack.



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