Dapperzapper™ Mens IPL Laser - SALE...60% OFF!!!!
Dapperzapper™ Mens IPL Laser - SALE...60% OFF!!!!
Dapperzapper™ Mens IPL Laser - SALE...60% OFF!!!!
Dapperzapper™ Mens IPL Laser - SALE...60% OFF!!!!
Dapperzapper™ Mens IPL Laser - SALE...60% OFF!!!!
Dapperzapper™ Mens IPL Laser - SALE...60% OFF!!!!

Dapperzapper™ Mens IPL Laser - SALE...60% OFF!!!!

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Optimum male home laser hair removal system.

Brozillah's DapperZapper  is a specialised IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) designed especially for men's pubic hair, which is thicker and more gorilla-like than the female species, but of course, if your girlfriend or wife wants to use it, there's not a problem there, it's safe for her tender skin as well. DapperZapper is a pain-free alternative to waxing, shaving, or trimming with clippers, that you can use anywhere on your body including your plums. The results from the DapperZapper are permanent and you only need to treat the targeted area a few times before you start seeing results anywhere on your body, even your nutsack.


How does Dapperzapper work?

The Dapperzapper uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), which is a type of laser hair removal used for long lasting, pain-free hair removal, it's clinically proven to be 100% effective, by an outside source, not us... When the Dapperzapper is used on your hair, it absorbs the Intense Pulsed Light which heats and gradually kills the targeted hair follicles.
All you need to do is shave or trim the area where you would like to remove the unwanted hair permanently and literally zap the area with the Dapperzapper. It's really that easy and it only takes 8-10 weeks to see permanent results.

Is the Dapperzapper a safe form of hair removal?

There have been a number of studies around the world that conclusively prove the safety and effectiveness of Intense Pulsed Laser as a method of hair removal. So we are certain that this method is safe.

Does the Dapperzapper hurt?

Not at all. One of the advantages of Dapperzapper over other brands is that it’s completely pain-free. Most guys describe the feeling as a warm sensation on the skin.

Is Dapperzapper a permanent solution?

Dapperzapper provides long-lasting results, but even specialised clinics can’t promise a permanent solution. To maintain great results you should use Dapperzapper once a week for 8-26 weeks (depending on how much of a hairy monkey you are) then once every 3-4 months for maintenance of new hair follicles that weren't there before you started treatment.

How long do results take to show?

There is a reduction usually after2-4 treatments using Dapperzapper, with complete results after 9-10 treatments. However, results can vary from person to person, depending on how much of a hairy gorilla you are.

How frequently should I use Dapperzapper?

Once a week for the first 8-12 weeks, then once a month, for 2-6 months or until you’re satisfied. If you want to keep the fuzz at bay, we recommend using your handset once every 2-3 months, or as needed to keep your nut-sack looking like a baby’s bottom.

How long will my Dapperzapper last?

Dapperzapper has 500,000 pulse flashes, which will last over 30 years...so you can even pass it onto your hairy girlfriend.

Which parts of the body can I use the Dapperzapper on?
You can use your handset on your whole body, including your back sack and crack. Don’t use near eyes unless you want to go blind or your anus.

Does it work on all skintones?

Unless you have really brown skin, it’s safe. See the guide below.

Can I use Dapperzapper before or after tanning?

If you have tanned recently, please wait 2 weeks before using your Dapperzapper. Please also wait at least 48 hours to tan after using your handset.